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Kinko Flamingo Charter

Kinko Flamingo Charter

   As a member of the Kinko Flamingo gaming community, members are expected to uphold the rules and expectations of the Kinko Flamingo gaming community. The following document will outline and explain the rules and expectations of the Kinko Flamingo gaming community. As of this posting, even if a member has not read the document, he or she will be held to these rules and expectations without any acknowledgment from the member.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to even be considered for membership into the Kinko Flamingo gaming community:
•   Must be no younger than 18 years old.
•   Must be able to speak English in a coherent manner.
•   Not have thin skin, and know how to take a joke.

   The above listed requirements are the bare minimum the Leadership will look at before considering reviewing the rest of an application. Failure to meet one of those requirements will result in an instant denial of membership. If an applicant lies to meet one of these requirements, and the Leadership finds out, they will be removed from the Kinko Flamingo community and / or banned from the forums. If the rest of an applicant’s application is approved and they gain entry to Kinko Flamingo, said applicant will be expected to follow the Accepted Flamingo Behavior Guidelines.

Accepted Flamingo Behavior Guidelines
   Members in the Kinko Flamingo gaming community will act like an adult in all situations, even when name calling begins. Know where the line is and knock it off. The number one rule in Kinko Flamingo is: Do not be a douchebag. If a member must act like a douchebag, act like one to another douchebag to chase him / her off. Douchebaggery towards fellow Kinko Flamingo members or Leadership will result in instant, no questions asked banishment.

   Becoming a member of the Kinko Flamingo gaming community is not like becoming a member of any other gaming community. For this reason, Kinko Flamingo does not allow any member to be a member in any other community, with no exceptions. Kinko Flamingo’s definition of “member” is being a tag wearing member of the community, or having any position of power or authority in another community. This rule is not in place to control or limit Kinko Flamingo members to only Kinko Flamingo, but to prevent any conflict of interests.

   Kinko Flamingo has a very simple Chain of Command, which must be followed to ensure things operate smoothly for every member (foreign or domestic). This Chain of Command is as follows:

  Flamingos should try to avoid reporting problems and / or players to Administrators or Directors unless there is absolutly no other choice. Moderators report to Directors, and Directors to Administrators. Breaking this chain for something trivial will not result in any real punishment, but expect to be ignored or publiclly called out and shamed.

   Respecting the positions of other Kinko Flamingo members is a must. If any lower tiered member is found guilty of being a douchebag to a higher level member, the offender will be stripped of their status. If the situation warrants it, a ban. If a higher tier member is found guilty of being a douchebag to a lower member, they should expect to be demoted and or removed from the community. Kinko Flamingo members should always remember Kinko Flamingo is here to have fun and ruin other non-Flamingos’ day in their game of choice, not fighting amoung ourselves.

   If a Flamingo reaches the rank of Moderator, they have been specificlly chosen for that position. Many members of our Moderation staff have been in that position for years and know what’s what in their game. Members who ask to become a Moderator, or ask how long it will take before they get promoted can expect that undisclosed amount of time to only get longer. If an applicant states they want to become a Moderator, expect your application to be deleted; or if accepted, never reaching the Moderator position. If the Kinko Flamingo Leadership recognizes a member’s ability to accuratly spot hacks, they will be considered for a Moderator position. Make it noted that a member’s level of activity in game and on the forums is also taken into account for Moderation selection. If a Moderator is found abusing their power, they will be stripped of their Moderator position and reduced to Flamingo. If the infraction warrants, a ban will be issued.

   Kinko Flamingo has surivied being completely broke, to rolling in cash. If a member, or applicant, shows up with the notion that they can use money to earn some position of trust or power; said member, or applicant should just resign entirely, or not even apply. Kinko Flamingo has never given power for money, and never will. If a member feels like donating some money to help Kinko Flamingo pay the bills, that money will be gladly accepted with an appreciative thank you, and nothing more.

   Kinko Flamingo is about having fun. Plain and simple. Follow these rules and Kinko Flamingo will continue to fly proud and high, terrorizing our enemies and drinking their tears. If you are not a member, and accept everything thing on this document, please consider submitting an application. Also, this Charter can and will change if needed. If anything changes, an announcement will be made.

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